Best in Quality and Functionality: Meet the Stubbies Hi Vis Shirt

Never once would you have sought for quality in a Stubbies product because it is what they provide you with. Each time you buy a Stubbies product, you can be sure of getting a product that has been rigorously tested to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

Stubbies is a brand name that has found its way to the Australian vernacular, thanks to its great range of products. The name is now synonymous to quality, durability and toughness. No matter how small a product, you can be sure that they would portray great strength that helps it to withstand all the tough tests of the work industry.

The Stubbies brand was born in 1972 and from then it has been renowned as a provider of the best quality products. Though this brand started its business by providing casual ‘short’ shorts for men, it now has a great collection of products catering to different industries. This brand, today, specializes in manufacturing quality workwear, safety wear, casual clothing, schoolwear and such.

Stubbies now provides clothing that caters to all needs of the Aussies. Whether you need clothing for “work”, for “rest” or for “play”, you can find the best quality ones from Stubbies brand. A constant striving for achieving service excellence and providing clothing designed with an uncompromising garment quality has made Stubbies the most favoured brand in the whole of Australia. Well, it has also made Stubbies to be regarded as an Australian icon.

All products from Stubbies brand are well renowned for its quality, durability and functionality. One among these products is STUBBIES BW2370 HI VIS LONG SLEEVE SPLICED DRILL SHIRT WITH COOLING VENTS. This is a high visibility (Hi Vis) shirt designed to keep the wearer safe and comfortable at the places he work. Hi Vis clothing is designed to aid other people to notice the wearer or tradie easily during low light conditions or in dark areas. These type of clothing are also used when the wearer is working amidst moving traffic or equipment operated by a person.

Hi Vis clothing can be used for Day only, Night only or Day/Night purposes. They would also sport bright contrasting colours that are easily discernible from any background. Hi Vis clothing used for night purposes will have reflective tapes on them that can reflect light from headlights of vehicles or other sources and make others aware of the tradies’ presence.

The STUBBIES BW2370 HI VIS LONG SLEEVE SPLICED DRILL SHIRT WITH COOLING VENTS is a Day only Hi Vis shirt that complies to the high visibility standards of AS/NZS 4602.1:2011. This can ensure the best safety and protection to the wearers.

The shirt is made of Lightweight Cotton Drill fabric that ensures comfort and durability at the same time, as the drill is a strong variety of cotton. The fabric has a weight 160gsm. This shirt is also designed as an iron-free easy care garment. It means that little or no ironing is needed for the first twenty washes. This shirt is best to be worn outdoors in the sun as it provides excellent sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+.

On the functional side, this quality shirt has two chest pockets that can help you carry your necessities around. On the left side pocket, you can find a pen gap. The pockets have been reinforced with bar tacks so as to avoid ripping with continuous use.

The shirt sports a soft cool fabric that prevents you from feeling hot while engaged in work. The shirt also sports back and underarm sleeve vents that expel hot air out and lets in cool air. So, get ready to experience better work times with this quality work shirt.

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