Best Protection for Tradies with the Best Overall

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are equipment, clothing and other things that are designed to safeguard the wearer’s body from injury and harm. PPE can be an answer to many types of hazards that include chemicals, physical, electrical, heat, airborne particulate matter and such.

One among the protective clothing is Overall. Also known as Coveralls, these are clothing worn over other clothing for protection. These garments are not only designed to protect other clothing but also the human body too. Overalls are usually worn over regular shirts, vests and trousers to protect them from the hazards at the workplace.

To provide ultimate protection, these are a one piece garment. Overalls protect all the body parts, except the feet, palms and face, for which we have other special protective equipment. Being a one-piece garment ensures that there would be no space for the hazardous elements to seep through and affect our skin. Quality overalls would provide all the necessary protection for a tradie to say safe and unaffected, as they would comply with all the industry standards.

The need for high-quality overalls has many brands bring out these products that catered to all the needs of the tradies. One brand among them is Stubbies. Stubbies is a brand that has been in business starting from 1972 and has been providing quality workwear, casual wear and other clothing to the Aussies. Today, this is the brand that they love the most.

All Stubbies products are crafted using the best quality fabrics and the latest technologies. They are all into developing smart, reliable and simple clothing, simple in looks, but the best and the tough in its purpose. This quality they showcased has helped the brand to the most trusted clothing brand in Australia.

One product that stands out from the many Overall apparels that are brought out by Stubbies is the STUBBIES BO0113 LONG SLEEVE DRILL OVERALL. This overall is built for durability, functionality and comfort. It sports a highly durable 100% Cotton Drill fabric. The drill is a strong variety of cotton that comes with a strong bias on the weave.

The fabric of the overall falls under the heavyweight category, and it also has a weight of 310 gsm. The heavyweight cotton drill fabric is strong enough to overcome all the challenges thrown at it by the harsh and rough work conditions.

This overall is also built for utility purposes, thanks to the pockets that it sports. These pockets can help you carry around your necessities without much trouble. With this overall, you can be sure of having the items you need, within your reach. The pockets are also reinforced with bartacks to prevent tearing.

To keep your items safe, the right chest pocket comes with a metal press stud. On the left chest pocket, there is a pen slot for carrying your pen easily. This overall is also best suited to be worn out in the sun, as it has a UPF rating of 50+.

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