Best Style and Functionality with Classic Jeans

The style and functionality associated with denim is on a different scale altogether. Denim fabric is one among the few types of cotton fabrics that showcase high durability, functionality and provides the best comfort to the wearers. As all cotton fabrics, denims are also associated with comfort, but they are also the best in strength and sturdiness.

Denim is a warp faced fabric in a twill weave style. In this type of weaving the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This causes a diagonal ribbing which is also a characteristic feature of the fabric. Denim pant will have the dye colour on the outside, while on the inside it would be white. This property is also caused due to the twill weaving of the fabric, as the the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white.

Denims, be it pant or shirt, are the best fabrics that can be used to create workwear. Workwear are clothing that are worn for work, especially those works that require the use of manual labour. Workwear is widely accepted by the tradies because these garments are designed to provide safety and comfort to the tradies. They are crafted to withstand all the trials and challenges thrown at them by the harsh work conditions.

Stubbies is a brand that has been in the forefront of designing and developing high quality workwear that suits all the varied needs of the Aussie tradies. Since 1972, this brand has been providing Aussies with clothing for “work, rest and play.” Through exceptional service excellence and an uncompromising garment quality, Stubbies has become a brand that Aussies love and trust a lot.

From Stubbies you can have a quality denim product and it is the STUBBIES SP2110 CLASSIC FIT JEAN. Designed in the classic denim style, this heavy duty work pant features a 100% Cotton denim fabric weighing 458 gsm. Though this pant is on the heavier side, this can provide the wearers with the best comfort that they wish for.

This denim jeans, coming in a classic cut design, is, like all other denim jeans, designed to be on the functional side. We can find that this pant sports five pockets with front fob pockets. This can help us to carry around our necessities without much trouble. It comes in two shades - Stonewash and Bleach wash. Stonewash and Bleach wash refers to techniques and treatments used to provide jeans lighter shades.

This work denim is an awesome workwear that can help you easily complete your tasks by delivering you the best comfort and durability. And now, to purchase this quality jeans, you can visit Stubbies Workwear. Stubbies Workwear is Australia’s leading online store from where you can make quality purchases of workwear, safety wear, casual clothing and many more from Australia’s best loved brand - Stubbies. Yes, we provide exclusive Stubbies products that excel in performance and style.

The STUBBIES SP2110 CLASSIC FIT JEAN is available for purchase from Stubbies Workwear. The colour options that are available for this jeans are Stone and Bleach. You can choose from size options that ranges from 77-107. This quality jens is available for an affordable $32.00.

Some of the exciting features of our store is that we have a 30 Days Return Policy is you find the product to be faulty. Also when you purchase for $25.00, you can avail a free shipping of your products. Well, things have got more sweet, haven’t they?

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