Comfortable Stubbies Chambray Shirt at Stubbies Workwear

To be considered as an Australian institution is no mean task, and it can be achieved only by the quality of service that has been lent to the Aussies. Well, Stubbies is a brand that has been providing quality products and delivering quality service, which has made it the most popular brand in Australia.

Stubbies was established as a provider of quality apparels in 1972, by a then manufacturer of quality boy’s wear. With years of experience backing them, Stubbies, began to provide quality to each person, within no time. Quality, both in service and products was more than enough for people to love this brand and trust its products to keep them safe and comfortable whenever they need it the most.

Stubbies brand brings out a lot of products designed in the latest fashion styles and laden with many innovative features. Among them, one product has been effective in each of the functions entrusted with it, and it is the Stubbies Chambray Shirt. Chambray, a variety of cotton, is a lightweight fabric that combines coloured and white yarn. Being lightweight and made of breathable fabric makes Chambray the best garment to wear during spring and summer times.

Chambray is denim’s lightweight doppelganger. Both are made in almost the same time, with denim having a diagonal weave that makes it rugged and heavy, while Chambray is plainly woven, or in a criss-cross method, making it more airer. Like denim, it doesn’t heat up easily and provides maximum comfort.

Stubbies Chambray shirts come in 2 sleeve options - long and short. The Chambray shirt, coming in blue colour has a good UPF rating, making it the best product to wear outside in the sun. This is a casual fitting shirt, coming in a comfortable style that has its durability reinforced with bartacks that provide it with extra strength. On the functional and utility side, this product has two chest pockets, with a pen gap on the left-hand side. Outstanding comfort and durability are what this product provides each of its wearers with.

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