Conquer Workplaces with Hard Yakka Footwear

There would not be any work environment that would be as tough and hard as the Australian work environment. So, what quality should a tradie toiling in these conditions possess? He should possess a strong will and a desire to work hard. It would be made easy with the assistance he would get through PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are safety equipment designed to keep the wearer safe and protected against health or safety risks at work. These would include safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, safety footwear and much more. Footwear is a type of PPE designed to keep the feet of the tradie safe against falling objects and other elements.

Footwear is a PPE that is manufactured by all brands catering to the work industry. Among this one brand stands out and it is Hard Yakka. With a name that translates to “hard work”, this is a brand that stays true to its name. Hard Yakka provides each of its customers with high-quality products that help them to work to their best in all conditions.

Hard Yakka began its brand journey in the 1930s and now this brand is almost 9 decades old. This brand had humble beginnings and started as a small clothing company. The primary aim of Hard Yakka was to produce the best workwear in Australasia that excelled in all departments and led the way in every area. They wanted to be a brand that people fell head over heels in love with and it is what it has become.

Complacency and lethargy aren’t something that we can attribute to Hard Yakka. This brand is one which constantly tries to improve and evolve with each change occurring in the workwear industry. Hard Yakka constantly tries to be the top brand in the workwear industry, which helps us have a brand that works hard at all time.

Hard Yakka wasn’t a brand to which we can attribute complacency and lethargy. This brand was constantly on the search for ways to bring out the best. Each change occurring in the workwear industry was seen by this brand as a platform to evolve and innovate. This helped the brand to be synonymous with quality, toughness and durability.

As mentioned earlier innovations are what Hard Yakka specialize in. Whatever a tradie wishes to have in workwear, they can find it in the products from Hard Yakka. This is one of the best mates of the hard working tradies. From a great number of ranges and categories, including footwear, you can purchase a good number of products from Hard Yakka, and tame the harsh work conditions.

The footwear from Hard Yakka showcases the best quality and durability and with it, you can have the best protection for your feet. You can purchase a good number of products that include HARD YAKKA - AVALANCHE JOGG GRO (Y60111), HARD YAKKA - AVALANCHE JOGG BYP (Y60110), HARD YAKKA - GRAVEL SUEDE LACE (Y60085), HARD YAKKA - GRAVEL EMBOSS LACE (Y60086), HARD YAKKA - GRIT EMBOSS PULL UP (Y60088), HARD YAKKA - GRIT SUEDE PULL UP (Y60087), HARD YAKKA - UTILITY SIDE ZIP BLA (Y60125), HARD YAKKA - UTILITY SIDE ZIP WHEAT (Y60120), HARD YAKKA UTILITY GUSSET CLAR (Y60160), HARD YAKKA UTILITY GUSSET NBK (Y60170), HARDYAKKA UTILITY 6Z 150MM (Y60090), HARDYAKKA UTILITY 6Z 150MM (6 INCH) SIDE ZIP (Y60089), HARDYAKKA 3056 GUSSET BOOT (Y60116), HARDYAKKA AVALANCHE SAFET JOGGER (Y60130), HARDYAKKA LACE ZIP BOOT-(Y60200), HARD YAKKA 3056 LACE ZIP BOOT (Y60203), HARD YAKKA 3056 LACE ZIP BOOT (Y60201), HARD YAKKA 3056 LO (Y60113), HARD YAKKA 3056 LO (Y60114), HARD YAKKA NEO 1.0 (Y60210), HARD YAKKA NEO 1.0 (Y60215), HARD YAKKA NITE VISION (Y60230), HARD YAKKA NITE VISION (Y60235), HARD YAKKA 3056 WOMEN'S (Y60240), HARD YAKKA 3056 WOMEN'S (Y60245) and the HARD YAKKA 3056 WOMEN'S (Y60250).

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