Drill Overalls at Stubbies Workwear

Overalls are used as a protective clothing in workplaces and they are known in a variety of names. Coveralls also come under this category and the only difference is that while they cover everything except the face, hands and feet, overalls are sleeveless.

Overalls are usually made of denim fabric and was originally associated with rural men and boys, farmers and railroad workers. But by the 20th century, it was extensively used as a workwear and as casual clothes, due to their comfort, handiness and durability. Overalls are also made from corduroy textile and they also often have riveted pockets like that of jeans.

Drill Overalls are those that are created from Drill fabric, which is a stout and durable cotton fabric that has a strong bias in the weave. Drills are versatile fabrics and are used for a variety of purposes. Drill overalls are created to function with the most versatility and deliver the best comfort and protection to the wearer. Among the different drill overalls, the best ones are those from Stubbies, Australia’s best loved brand.

Stubbies is a brand that has been in business starting from 1972 and has been providing quality workwear, casual wear and other clothing to the Aussies, and thereby becoming the brand that they love the most. At Stubbies products are crafted using the best quality fabrics and the latest technologies. They are all into developing smart, reliable and simple clothing, simple in looks, but the best and the tough in its purpose.

Stubbies is a brand that has become a part of Australia, an Australian icon, by creating a range of products that catered to the many needs of Aussies, such as “work, rest and play.” Whatever clothing need an Aussie had, Stubbies provided it for him. And to provide those products at the best price to the Aussies, Stubbies Workwear was set up.

Stubbies Workwear is set up as an online store, by PR Ventures, a company in Australia, providing the best quality solutions in uniforms, promotional and branding elements. Stubbies Workwear has been set up to provide exclusive and quality Stubbies products at the best rates in Australia. At Stubbies Workwear, we have a good collection of quality Drill Overalls.

The products that we provide in this category are Stubbies BO0113 Long Sleeve Drill Overall, Stubbies BO1513 Drill Action Back Overall, Stubbies BO2710 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Overall, and the Stubbies BO2725 Hi-vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Overall+ Hoop Tape.

At Stubbies Workwear, we also provide quality Embroidery Services that helps you to embellish products with the logo of your organization or any other design. Under our embroidery services, you can avail Name Embroidery, Left or Right Chest Embroidery and Back Embroidery. At Stubbies Workwear, we do not charge any setup fee for availing our embroidery services. Also we have a pricing structure that is affordable and at the same time helps you to save more as you order more. With us, you can be sure of getting a cost effective branding solution through our services.

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