Drill Shirts at Stubbies Workwear

A brand that calls out to be simple wouldn’t always be a simple one that we can easily neglect. They would be simple in design but will be the toughest mates around us, and so is Stubbies a brand that is Australia’s own, and an “Australian institution.”

Stubbies began clothing Australia from 1972, but it is a brand that has an exclusive success story that no other brand can boast of. Stubbies is a brand that is intent on getting things done, but not in any way possible, but only through the best way. That is the reason why Stubbies, through its entire range of products, is considered the best, in Australia, with no equal.

Stubbies is a brand that has been clothing Aussies during work, rest and play, through a great range of products that are smart, reliable and simple. Stubbies delivers unequal service excellence as well as uncompromising garment quality, and this has helped it to be the most trusted brand in Australia. Each product of Stubbies is laden with all the best innovative technologies so as to provide the best protection and comfort to its wearers.

Stubbies is a name that has entered the Australian dictionary and is referred to as “short shorts of tough material for informal wear.” Stubbies brand entered the workwear industry through a range of quality shorts, but now they have a whole range of products that include shirts, pants and many more. Stubbies work shirts are the most sought after products in Australia.

Among the work and safety shirts from Stubbies, the Drill Shirts are ones that are designed to provide the best comfort and protection to its wearers. Drill fabric is a durable cotton fabric with a strong diagonal in the weave. It is a versatile fabric that is used in a variety of applications, including in work shirts and other clothing. If you are looking to purchase the best Stubbies apparels at the best prices, then Stubbies Workwear is the place for you.

Stubbies Workwear is an online store in Australia that exclusively provides quality products from Stubbies brand. We are engaged in providing these quality products at the best affordable rates so that you wouldn’t need to compromise on anything. We can proudly say that we are the best trusted and sought after online store for purchase of quality Stubbies products.

At Stubbies Workwear, we have a good collection of Shirts, that also includes Drill Shirts. The drill shirts that we provide are Stubbies BW2300 Short Sleeve Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2310 Long Sleeve Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2320 Short Sleeve Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2330 Long Sleeve Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2340 Hi Vis Short Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2350 Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2360 Hi Vis Short Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2370 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2595 Hi-vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2600 Women's Ls Spliced Shirt With Tape & Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2610 Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape, Stubbies BW2710 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Closed Front Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape, Stubbies BW2740 L/S Drill Shirt + Cooling Vents & Hoop Tape, Stubbies BW2810 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt+Tape, Stubbies BW7543 Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Closed Front Drill Shirt and Stubbies BW7583 Long Sleeve Closed Front Drill Shirt.

At Stubbies Workwear, we also provide quality Embroidery Services that helps you to embellish your shirts with the logo of your organization or any other design. Under our embroidery services, you can avail Name Embroidery, Left or Right Chest Embroidery and Back Embroidery. At Stubbies Workwear, we do not charge any setup fee for availing our embroidery services. Also, we have a pricing structure that is affordable and at the same time helps you to save more as you order more.

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