Flame resistant Shirts from Hard yakka is all you want for your work!

Who needn't bother with solid protection when working with flame? It is one of the essential needs of the job profile. 

Great insulating can be given from multiple ways like wearing a cumbersome flame resistant suit or simply wearing and a shirt that is flame resistant. Sometimes the requirements may change and if you are in a job that needs protection for your upper body, having a great FR shirt makes sense.

Truly, you read that right. Hard yakka Workwear which is well known for manufacturing flame resistant clothing that is rock-solid has structured very exquisite shirts for a similar reason. 

When a battler looks for FR shirts it is not just the shirt he is buying, he is actually buying that few minutes of life which can save him. When its the question of life all we need is best. 

When there are best products that save you from mishappenings, will you buy any cheaper options? When it comes to FR shirts and wear, Hard yakka is the brand you should look for.

Some of the top qualities of Hardyakka FR shirts are as below,

  • Lightweight flame resistant shirts to reduce risk from Arc and Flashfire events
  • HRC/PPE2 with a minimum of 8.4 CAL
  • Antistatic fibre, intimately blended
  • Two chest pockets with reinforcement for durability
  • Pleated yoke, side body and gusset and articulated sleeve for movement
  • Gusset cuff for protection
  • Certified trims tested to 260°C
  • FR ReflecTec 50mm reflective tape – hoop configuration

HardYakka, as the name suggests, is for hard working people. Providing best workwear solutions from 1930, the company is synonymous to quality, durable and tough work wears. 

The brand always promises a functional work wears.

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