Functional Industrial Wear from Stubbies

The year 1972 marked a new era in the work clothing sector in Australia, with the birth of Stubbies brand. The ‘short’ brand, Stubbies now have a long and rich history of manufacturing the best work and safety clothing that catered to the many needs of the Aussies.

The factor that popularised Stubbies brand with the people is that they provided everything that provided to the people’s needs of work, rest and play. Stubbies was established by a clothing company, Edward Fletcher and Co. that had been into providing men’s and boy’s wear from 1933. This experience helped Stubbies to provide exactly what the people needed and looked for.

The primary aim of Stubbies was to provide products that were unparalleled in quality products and follow excellent service standards. Over the years that Stubbies have been manufacturing and providing work, safety and casual clothing, they have tried not to venture from their goal. This has helped them bring out a wide range of products that portray the best quality and provide the Aussie working population with great comfort and satisfaction.

Stubbies range of workwear for industrial purposes is designed specifically to withstand the test of the harsh Australian work conditions. Stubbies industrial wear comes laden with many great features that help in keeping the wearer cool and comfortable at all times and also provide the best protection.

Some features sported by Stubbies workwear range are:

  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) – UPF is the range at which a product lends you solar protection, and is represented on a scale ranging from 15 to 50+. Stubbies range of workwear ensures that the wearer is provided with good to excellent sun protection while working outdoors.
  • Quick Dry – Clothes sticking onto the body while engaged in hard work causes the wearer much discomfort. But thanks to the Quick Dry feature, Stubbies range of workwear helps to draw moisture away from the body quickly onto the surface and let it dry. This keeps the tradie fresh and cool throughout the day.
  • Cool vents – Products designed strategically with cool vents on heat stress areas let the heat out and cools the body to keep you relaxed and maximize your work productivity.
  • Flexpandable Waist - This is an innovative feature that Stubbies pants possess. The flexpandable waist helps in providing the best comfort to the tradie, while minimizing plumber’s crack.

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The products that you can purchase in this category are Stubbies Cargo Drill Pant (BP2603), Stubbies Drill Action Back Overall (BO1513), Stubbies Flexpandable Waist Pant (BP2280), Stubbies Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Closed Front Drill Shirt (BW7543), Stubbies Long Sleeve Drill Overall (BO0113), Stubbies Long Sleeve Drill Shirt (BW2310), Stubbies Long Sleeve Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents (BW2330), Stubbies LW Drill Pant (BP2635), Stubbies Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt (BW2550), Stubbies Short Sleeve Drill Shirt (BW2300), Stubbies Short Sleeve Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents (BW2320), Stubbies Single Pleat Cotton Drill Pant With Tape (BP2715), Stubbies Single Pleat Drill Pant (BP2533) and the Stubbies Strong Drill Pant (BP2600).

Each of these products ensures that each tradie would be able to work hard and stay safe. At Stubbies Workwear, we also provide quality Embroidery Services that helps you decorate work clothing with the logo of your organization. The embroidery services we provide are Name Embroidery, Left Chest Embroidery, Right Chest Embroidery and Back Embroidery.

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