Hard yakka hi vis overalls are all you need for that safety!

Work overall is a basic thing in any industry that requires manual work. Though not every job profile demands this type of workwear, having them is an added advantage. 

Understanding the need for these work uniforms, we at hard yakka workwear bring you the best of hard yakka FR overalls. These hard yakka hi vis overalls give you the safety you always craved for. 

Wearing a hard yakka hi vis overalls will provide you best of safety from the visually challenging accidents. 

If you are traffic police or a construction worker or a road repair tradie, you need that protection during your work hours where visibility is always a challenge. 

Hard yakka Hi vis workwear is designed in such a way that it has many features that can add to your comfort. 

Hard yakka Hi vis workwear has been designed to meet the toughest safety standards worldwide, while also reducing heat stress so you can get on with the job safely and comfortably. Whether you're in mining, energy, oil, gas or electrical - when you wear Hard yakka Hi vis workwear you're buying vital seconds that could save your life.   Hard yakka Hi vis workwear of top quality offers following qualities. 

  • Flame resistant coverall to reduce risk from Arc and Flashfire events
  • HRC/PPE2 with minimum 8.4CAL
  • Inherently FR and intimately blended anti-static
  • Ventilated back with FR mesh
  • Multiple pockets for storage needs
  • Radio loops on the front shoulder seam
  • FR ReflecTec 50mm reflective tape - hoop configuration

 The Hard yakka Hi vis workwear also offers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating for Ultraviolet Radiation transmitted through a fabric onto the skin. Look for garments with a 50+ rating to be assured of excellent protection. Complies with AS/NZS 4399:1996 Sun Protection Clothing Classification.

Hard yakka Hi vis workwear with Anti-Static properties are designed to reduce the build-up of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to the ground. This offers a level of protection against ignition hazards such as flammable materials and gases.

Hard yakka hi vis overalls are done by fabrics specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable: moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable.

Hard yakka hi vis overalls use reflective tapes that are specifically designed for  Hi-Visibility night garments to increase the visibility of the wearer.

Hard Yakka coveralls designed for night use using retro reflected light. Complies with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High-Visibility Safety Garments Class Night.

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