Hard yakka work boots with nite vision are all you got to check out!

Safety shoes play a vital role in the work environment. Protecting your feet is as important as protecting other parts of the body. When you are choosing safety wear it should provide you with real safety whenever you wear it. 

Shoes are an important part of any industry and for each zone there exist a requirement that may be different from others. Certain industry demands its workers to work in night shifts as well, during that time the safety shoes like your Hi vis clothing should provide good vision and make you visible so that you can be identified head to toe. 

Hard yakka workwear brings the industry’s best Hard yakka safety shoes just for you!

It is not just due to the ISO standards or any industry standards, It is due to the fact that few shoes are specially made for certain conditions and those conditions demand shoes made specifically for that.  Hard Yakka safety boots give you a wide range of hard yakka work boots to choose from for your work environment. 

As a tradie looking for safety shoes, you will have lots of things in mind. Proper safety shoes will give you better support for your activities at work. Not all safety shoes go well with everyone. Hard yakka safety shoes are made specifically for tradies that need ultra comfort in both day and night. 

The shoe that you wear on slippery floors can not work well in a dry area and vice versa. In the same way, the daywear shoe may give you comfort and protection but do not serve the purpose of visibility that is crucial at darker areas and in night times. There are numerous reasons why you need to pick the right shoes for your work.

We at Hard yakka workwear bring you Hard yakka safety shoes with night vision. The night vision shoes give you proper night vision with ultra-reflective mesh on both the sides of the shoes providing you with the much needed high visibility. 

The Hard yakka safety shoes nite vision comes with following features and descriptions.

  • Beacon Mesh Reflective Technology for enhanced visibility
  • Water Resistant Leather & Breathable nylon upper
  • 10 Gauge YKK Coil Zip
  • Dual-Layer memory foam / PU footbed
  • Additional underfoot Phylon interlayer
  • Nylon (Non-Metallic) Shank
  • TPU Outsole, PU Midsole
  • Certified to AS/NZS 2210.3:2009

The shoes are also made up of safety steel toe cap, anti-static, dual-density PU/ TPU, Memory foam footbed and wide fit providing you with everything that you gotta have in a safety shoe. 

With these many features, hard yakka work boots for every tradie is the best pick that anyone can get. 

What are you waiting for? Make your buy now at Hard yakka workwear!