Hi Vis Pant at Stubbies Workwear

A rich history of providing the best quality apparels is what sets Stubbies as a leading cloth manufacturer in Australia. The brand began its services in 1939 as a producer of men’s and boy’s wear sold across Australia. Right from its start the brand was famed for the quality of its products.

It was in 1972 that the brand began to be known as Stubbies. The first product they brought out was a pair of sturdy men’s shorts. Tough and strong, this product became immensely popular with the masses and so did the brand. Now, if the Aussies are head over heels in love with a clothing brand, it surely would be Stubbies.

Stubbies is one of the brands most revered by the people in Australia because of the great quality products that it provides them with. This brand has been considered as an Australian icon and it is no mean task to achieve. Each of the products they manufacture is designed with care and attention to detail and it has helped Stubbies to be respected all across Australia.

What Stubbies brand provides is a range of products that meets the various needs of the people. This brand provides the people with a whole lot of quality apparels that cater to their needs of “work, rest and play”.

Today, Stubbies brand is a name synonymous with quality, durability, and comfort. From this brand, you get a great number of products that are smart and reliable at all times. To provide the wearers with the best comfort, Stubbies also has incorporated some innovative features like Cool Vents, Quick Dry, Flexpandable Waist, Iron Free and much more to its products. One such high quality product from this brand is a Hi Vis Pant - the STUBBIES BP2715 SINGLE PLEAT COTTON DRILL PANT WITH TAPE.

Hi Vis clothing is those categories of clothing that is used to help others notice a tradie easily. For this purpose, they would either sport bright colors that stand out from any background, or have reflective tapes, or both. These clothing are designed to keep the wearer safe and comfortable at all times.

The STUBBIES BP2715 SINGLE PLEAT COTTON DRILL PANT WITH TAPE is a quality work pant designed to help the tradie work with ease in whatever tasks he is engaged in. This pant is built for strength and durability and the cotton drill fabric the pant is made of can see it. This pant uses a heavy weight cotton drill fabric that has a weight of 285gsm. The drill is one of the strongest varieties of cotton that provides strength and comfort in equal measure.

This pant is the best to be worn outside as it provides the wearers with excellent sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+. This pant also has reinforced bar tacks on pockets so that they won’t rip off with continuous use. On the utility side, this pant has deep side pockets and a fob pocket to carry coins. It also has reflective tape taped on the knee for hi vis purposes.

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The STUBBIES BP2715 SINGLE PLEAT COTTON DRILL PANT WITH TAPE can be purchased in Navy color and the size options available ranges from 72R-112R, 87S-132S, 74L-94L. This product is available for $32.00. When you purchase from Stubbies Workwear, you can avail free shipping services for orders over $25. With 30 days returns, you can have all the time in the world to return the product, unused, if it is faulty.

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