Hi Vis Shirts at Stubbies Workwear

Hi Vis (High Visibility) clothing is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), that is designed to keep the wearer safe during the times he engages in work. The feature of this clothing is that it has highly reflective properties or a bright colour that is easily detectable from any background.

Hi Vis clothing is usually used as an occupational safety clothing and the people who mostly use this include railway workers, highway workers, airport workers and other occupation, where the tradie will be working amidst moving vehicles, dark areas or in low light conditions. This is also used by cyclists while riding amidst motor vehicles.

With safety in work areas given more importance, safetywear like hi vis clothing are considered as important clothing and so there are a set of standards that each safetywear should comply with. These standards are designed to provide the best safety and protection to the wearers and those products that comply with these standards are considered the very best in the industry. And such high quality products are manufactured by one brand, and it is none other than Stubbies.

Stubbies is a brand that has been providing Aussies with quality products that are tough and durable, for over 40 years. This quality and strength that Stubbies showcase has made it the most sought after brand in Australia, and helping it to rise to the position of being an Australian icon, and Australian institution. Without doubt, it can be said that this is the most loved and trusted brand by the Aussies, providing them with a range of quality workwear, safety wear, casual wear and other garments.

Quality is what Stubbies gives the most importance to and it is evident from the hi vis clothing that they manufacture. Each of the Hi Vis products that they design and manufacture is ensured to comply with all Aussie and Kiwi Hi Vis standards needed for Day Only, Night Only or Day/Night purposes. With many other innovative features, these products also provide the best comfort to the wearer at all times.

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At Stubbies Workwear, we have a good collection of Hi Vis Shirts that you can purchase at the best prices, from both short sleeve and long sleeve options. The products that we provide in this category are Stubbies BW2340 Hi Vis Short Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2350 Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt, Stubbies BW2360 Hi Vis Short Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2370 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2595 Hi-vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape With Cooling Vents, Stubbies BW2610 Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape, Stubbies BW2710 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Closed Front Drill Shirt + Hoop Tape, Stubbies BW2740 L/S Drill Shirt + Cooling Vents & Hoop Tape and Stubbies BW2810 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Spliced Drill Shirt+Tape.

Stubbies Workwear also provides quality Embroidery Services that helps you to embroider your design or logo onto the ordered products. Under this service we offer Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery services. The great features of our embroidery services is that they come at an affordable pricing structure that helps you to order more at less cost, and you can stand to save more. Another feature is that we do not charge any setup fees for our embroidery services. With these great services, you can have a great and cost effective branding solution.

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