HI-VIs Vests from Hard Yakka workwear is all you need!

Hi-vis vests are one of the inseparable clothing wear from construction workers, policemen and for those who love outdoor camping at night. 

Hard yakka workwear is a must if you are working in an environment where visibility is level zero. In this winter season its a must. Many people lose their lives just because the other person couldn’t see that there is a person on the opposite side.

When there is a huge snowfall happening, the visibility will be less. For workers, to save their lives Hard yakka work vests is a must. Especially during night works. 

For this reason, Hard yakka workwear brings you specifically designed hard yakka workwear vests for hi-visibility. If you are a person who hates to wear full-on heavy HI-Vis suit, then these safety vests are a great option. Vests are light and yet serves the purpose of being able to be seen in dark work areas.

These hi-vis vests can also be used in various seasons. With this usage of HI-Vis vests investing on one wouldn't ever go for a waste. 

Hard yakka, one of the most popular brands of official wear manufacturer have come up with a super solid, a winter staple  HI-Vis Vests for everyone.

The work vest is loaded with detailing mentioned below

  • Puffa Vest with Padded Insulation and pockets!
  • Multiple pockets with zip closures for all storage needs
  • 50mm reflective tape
  • Quilted body for warmth
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) finish to keep you dry

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