Refreshing new designs in hard yakka Hi-Vis shirts!

Are you one of those who are bored of looking the same old designs of hard yakka hi-vis shirts with the boring orange and blue /black combinations? It’s not just you anyone who wears these hard yakka hi-vis shirts will agree with you!

Though hard yakka hi-vis shirts cannot be altered too much due to the exact reasons for its use, there are not many changes that we can expect when it comes to industry standards of hard yakka hi-vis shirts

Today we at Hardyakka workwear bring you hard yakka hi-vis shirts that are made perfectly to the compliances and yet a bit different from regular ones. 

We thought you could take a break from looking at the same designs with these hard yakka hi-vis shirts

Without any further ado, let us get to the list of the hard yakka hi-vis shirts now.

  1. Hard Yakka Shieldtec Lenzing Fr Women'S Hi-Visibility Two Tone Long Sleeve Open Front Shirt With Tape(Y08330)

hard yakka hi-vis shirts

Another orange and blue? Yes, it is but with a slight difference in the visibility strips on the shirt giving it a distinct look. 

NEW lighter weight ShieldTEC inherent flame resistant range utilising the Lenzing FR viscose yarn. These comfortable shirts provide PPE 1 (7.9 Cal) protection with the only 150gsm in weight! In addition to the inherent FR properties, this fabric also offers inherent moisture management properties. 

You will notice the unique texture of the fabric. The Star Weave is a variation on a rip-stop construction and designed to add stability to the lightweight fabric. This construction also provides mechanical stretch, further enhancing comfort for the wearer. Hard Yakka has utilised segmented FR tape to keep the garment as light and as flexible as possible.

  • 2 piece collar
  • Concealed front placket with FR button closure
  • Venting at the upper back and underarm mesh gusset
  • Gusset sleeve/cuff with FR button closure
  • Segmented reflective FR tape in hoop configuration
  • Radio loops on front yoke seams
  • Twin chest pockets with flap and FR button closure. Pen pocket on wearer's LHS
  • PPE 1 category 7.9 cal/cm²


  • Star Weave: 150gsm, 50% viscose FR/ 33 % meta-aramid/ 10% polyamide/ 5% para-aramid/ 2% antistatic;
  • Mesh: 185gsm, 50% modacrylic/ 20% lyocell/ 20% aramid/ 10% nylon
  1. Hard Yakka Foundations Biomotion Ls Vented Shirt With Tape (Y07334)
hard yakka hi-vis shirts

Hard Yakka Biomotion Range is built for those on-site!

  • ReflecTec 50mm retro-reflective tape, in Infrastructure and Biomotion configuration - H front, X-back
  • Twin chest pockets with flap and button closure
  • Venting at back yoke with mesh
  • Underarm mesh gusset
  • Double fold front placket with button closure


  • 145gsm, 100% cotton twill
  1. Hard Yakka Hi-Visibility Cotton Drill Shirt With 3m Tape Long Sleeve (Y07227)
hard yakka hi-vis shirts


Stay visible in this hi-vis cotton drill shirt with high-quality 3M reflective tape to ensure you are noticed.

  • ReflecTec 50mm reflective tape
  • Full open front closure
  • Two buttons down chest pockets
  • Pen partition in the left pocket
  • Two piece collar and stand
  • Fade Shade Indicator for high visibility non-compliance


185gsm, pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabric

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