Safety First with the Best Safety Jacket

Staying safe is what we all wish for and it is also what all those clothing brands out there do. They help in keeping you safe and protected at all times, provided you stay within the specified limits. One such product that keeps you protected is Safety Jackets.

Jackets are garments of clothing that have been in use from centuries ago. Though in different shape and design altogether, we can find its application during the earliest days too. The basic function of a jacket is to keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable, even during adverse weather conditions.

The modern jacket also performs the same function, but it has the added functionality of providing added style to the wearers. They are tighter fitting and lighter, which makes wearing them easy. The materials that they are made of will make sure that you have awesome styling. Some jackets also come with features like waterproof and such to keep the wearer much comfortable.

One of the brands that bring out awesome jackets is Stubbies. Stubbies is a brand that is considered an Australian icon, which is no mean task to achieve. Each of the products that they manufacture has helped it to be widely respected all across Australia. Moreover, this brand provides everything that meets their various needs.

Stubbies brand was launched in 1972. Right from its launch, it has been a successful journey for the brand. Now Stubbies brand provides the people with a whole lot of quality apparels that caters to their needs of “work, rest and play”.

Today, Stubbies brand is a name synonymous with quality, durability and comfort. What this brand strives is to provide the best products in the simplest way possible. From the Stubbies Workwear brand, you get a great number of products that are smart and reliable at all times. Exceptional service excellence as well as uncompromising garment quality, has helped Stubbies become a brand name that Australians have come to trust, love and respect.

Stubbies brand also makes sure at all times that their products comply to all the safety standards necessary to provide the wearers with safer working times. This is particularly true with its range of safety jackets, among which you can find the STUBBIES BJ4000 INDUSTRIAL STOWAWAY JACKET.

This is a quality work and safety jacket designed for safer and comfortable times. This jacket is made of polyester fabric comes in a plain weave and a PU coating. The jacket falls under the lightweight category, with a weight of 80gsm. This lightweight jacket is compact in size and comes with a stowaway pocket.

This jacket has a shaped back hem that provides the wearer with comfort. The hem is also shorter in the front, which helps it to facilitate movement. This is a waterproof jacket, thanks to the PU coating and the sealed seams can make sure that water doesn’t enter the jacket at any cost. The jacket also sports a shaped upper sleeve cuff that provides increased warmth and the elastic protects the hand from getting wet.

This jacket has a 3 piece hood that helps it to provide the wearer with superior shape and comfort. The ventilation on back yoke can help in ensuring the comfort of the wearer at all times. This jacket also sports internal cords with catchers. This jacket also provides excellent protection from the sun’s UV rays, with a UPF rating of 50+.

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The STUBBIES BJ4000 INDUSTRIAL STOWAWAY JACKET is available in Navy and Black colours and in size options that range from S-5XL. This quality safety jacket can be purchased for $59.00.

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