Safety Pants at Stubbies Workwear

When it comes to a tradie, safety is the one feature that should be given the most importance to. Though each workwear and safetywear must be designed to provide comfort, it should in no way compromise the safety of the tradie and put him in harm’s way.

In each industry, there are those specific set of standards that each clothing should comply with to ensure that the wearer is safe at all times. In Australia, the set of standards that should be compiled by an item of industrial clothing is the AS 2919-1987 and by an occupational protective clothing is AS/NZS 4501.2:2006.

As safety becomes an important factor, the best brand and the best product can be easily identified by the level of protection it offers and its compliance with the various standards. Though many brands promise all these things, only a few would actually deliver, and one among the few is Australia’s most loved brand - Stubbies.

Stubbies is a brand that was born in 1972, and they were famous for bringing out a range of high-quality shorts that showcased the best functionality and durability. But now, they are into everything, as they provide the Aussies with garments designed for “work, rest and play.” Stubbies is well renowned as a brand striving for excellence, through a great range of products that are manufactured using garments with uncompromising quality.

Among the great range of products from Stubbies brand, we can find quality safety pants, designed for great durability and uncompromising safety. With the popularity of this category of products on the rise day by day, in Australia, many stores started to cater to this need. But what the people had to face was that they had to spend a lot in order to get hold of those quality products, but not for long.

To bring about a change in this situation, Stubbies Workwear was launched. Stubbies Workwear is Australia’s most leading online store that exclusively provides high-quality products from Stubbies brand. In our store, we also have Safety Pants from Stubbies. The best feature of our store is that we provide the best products at the best rates across Australia.

The safety pants that we provide from Stubbies are:

  • STUBBIES BP2725 CARGO DRILL PANT WITH TAPE - The STUBBIES BP2725 CARGO DRILL PANT WITH TAPE is a safety pant manufactured using heavy weight cotton drill material and weighs 285 gsm. To ensure durability, these safety pants have reinforced bar tacks on pockets that help it to avoid ripping. To make carrying coins easier, you can find this product sporting a fob pocket and it also has deep side pockets for utility purposes. These safety pants guarantee excellent sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+. These pants are available in Navy colour and at $41, from our store.
  • STUBBIES BP4000 MEN'S WET WEATHER PANT - The STUBBIES BP4000 MEN'S WET WEATHER PANT is exclusively created for those wet days and it comes with a weatherproof feature. The seams of this product are sealed so as to ensure that moisture or water doesn’t seep through and that the wearer is dry and comfortable while in it. This product has front welt access pockets with a press stud to prevent pocket gaping when moving. For safety purposes, this safety pant features an internal centre front drawcord internal and the hem of the pant sports press studs that make it adjustable and to be tightened around footwear. This safety pants come in orange and yellow colour options and is available for $38 at Stubbies Workwear.

Stubbies Workwear provides you with an awesome Free Shipping offer, which you can avail while making purchases for more than $25. We also offer 30 days returns so that if the product you have purchased is faulty, you have more than enough time to return it.

Purchase the best Safety Pants from Stubbies Workwear at the best prices in Australia. Visit our online store now.