Stubbies BB5513 Single Pleat Drill Short

Success is not measured by the great varieties of clothing that a brand has, but rather than on how popular it is with the people. Even if it is the first condition that determines the success of a brand, or the second one, then Stubbies can be hailed as the most successful brand in Australia.

Stubbies is a brand that has a success story like none other. As a clothing brand, under the brand name of Stubbies, it began its services in 1972. For over 40 years, this brand has been on the forefront of providing the best quality apparels to Aussies. By catering to all needs, such as “work, rest and play”, you can find that this brand has grown on to become the most famous name in Australia.

Stubbies brand was the first to identify a room in the men’s market for a stylish, low cost, all-purpose short. It didn’t take them long to develop a new short style, which they called the ‘the short short’. This short was an instant hit among the Australian male, because it showed great work ethic and was much strong and tough for a short.

By the 1980s, Stubbies shorts were known as the little shorts for the big jobs. The popularity of the shorts from Stubbies was such that it even entered the Australian vernacular. The term Stubbies is defined as “short shorts of tough material for informal wear” and also as “strong shorts for men”. Well now, it is not only for casual purposes that Stubbies produces shorts. You can have those designed for work purposes too.

One among the quality shorts designed for work by Stubbies is the Stubbies BB5513 Single Pleat Drill Short. This is a high quality short made from heavyweight Cotton Drill fabric. Drill, a stout variety of cotton, is a fabric that provides the best comfort and durability for the wearer at all times. The fabric of this short is capable of tackling all the challenges of the Australian work conditions. The fabric has a weight of 285gsm.

This is an awesome short to be worn outside as it provides the best sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+. This tough short has reinforced bar tacks on pockets to avoid ripping due to continuous use. On the functional side, you can find a fob pocket where you can keep coins. The deep side pockets you can find on this shorts can help you to carry your necessities around. For easy fit, you can also find adjustable waist buckle straps.

This is one of the popular shorts from Stubbies brand. If you wish to purchase this quality shorts, you can do so from Stubbies Workwear. Stubbies Workwear is Australia’s leading online store from where you can purchase exclusive Stubbies brand products that excel in style, comfort and quality at the best rates in the industry.

The Stubbies BB5513 Single Pleat Drill Short is available for purchase at Stubbies Workwear. This product is available in colour options such as Bottle Green, Navy and Khaki. The size options available are for Navy and Khaki 77-132 (Regular) and 92-132 (Stout). For Bottle Green, you can choose from size options such as 77-117 (Regular) and 77-117 (Stout). This product is available for $23.00.

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