Stubbies Functional and Affordable Pant for Best Work Times

Anything from Stubbies brand is powerful enough to gain our praise and appreciation. That is the way how they deliver each product, abound with quality and perfection. It is indeed a joy to work in them and experience the high level of comfort it provides.

Stubbies brand of products are the best when it comes to functionality and utility. Each products are carefully designed to suit the different needs of the people and excel in every area they cater too. This has largely added to the popularity of Stubbies products, which, though, are “simple” provide a style and quality that none other can guarantee.

Stubbies has a rich history, which could be traced back to the later part of 1930s. But under the brand name of Stubbies, it started its service from 1972. Their first product, a short short, was immensely popular among the people because of the toughness it showcased. It was popularly known as “the little shorts for the big jobs”. This quality and toughness can still be found in each of their clothing, without any change.

Today, Stubbies has a range of clothing that caters to different needs such as work, rest and play. In short it has everything that an Aussie would need. A special mention is needed for their range of workwear that is designed to conquer all the difficulties of the workplace. As workwear need to be functional and durable, Stubbies workwear range delivers exactly this.

One quality workwear from Stubbies is the STUBBIES BP2603 CARGO DRILL PANT. This is a work pant designed to last and outperform everything else. This work pant is made of a heavy weight cotton drill fabric. Drill is a stout and stronger variety of cotton that helps in providing great comfort to the wearer, while staying highly durable.

The drill fabric used in the pant is heavyweight and has a weight of 285gsm. This is a pant that can be worn outdoors in the sun as it provides excellent sun protection. This pant has a UPF rating of 50+. This pant is built to last, which is proved by the bar tack reinforcements on the pockets. As pockets are areas that are used mostly with constant stress applied on them, there are chances of them ripping off easily. The bar tacks sported on the pockets can help it avoid ripping.

Are you a person who needs to carry coins around and are frustrated about no separate to keep the? Well, in this work pant, you can find a fob pocket exclusively for coins. This is a cargo pant designed for functionality and comfort. You can find deep cargo pockets on this pant with velcro closure. On the right cargo pocket, you can find a pen slot. Also on the right side you can find a pocket with zip closure.

So now, where to purchase this high quality work pant from? For purchasing Stubbies products, you can visit Stubbies Workwear an online store set up exclusively for purchasing quality Stubbies products. The best part of our store is that you can purchase these products at the best affordable rates.

At Stubbies Workwear, you can purchase the STUBBIES BP2603 CARGO DRILL PANT. This pant is available in colour options that range from Black, Khaki, Navy and Bottle Green. This pant is available in size options that ranges from 77R-107R and 92S-117S. You can purchase this quality work pant for an affordable [price of  $36.00.

Purchase from Stubbies Workwear and avail Free Shipping for orders above $25.00. Our 30 days return policy also helps you to return the products with peace of mind, if found faulty. Visit our online store now.