Super comfortable FR pants from Hard yakka workwear

Everyone needs good safety workwear during their work hours. Whether you are working in mines, a place involved with energy, gas, petroleum products or any other such volatile entities that can cause a disastrous flame. 

If you are one involved in this hard yakka kind of field, its better you equip yourself with a good FR workwear. A good FR workwear means a good 5 minutes to save your life. 

When it is about the question of life, who would want to compromise on the quality. For this reason, we bring you the best quality, comfortable and durable FR workwear at Hadyakka workwear

At Hardyakka workwear, we take at most care to bring the best of workwear to all Australian labourers. With a great choice in FR Workwear available in our store, today we pick FR pants that are a must for everyone. 

These FR pants come with a description as below

  • FR pants to reduce risk from Arc and Flashfire events
  • HRC/PPE2 with minimum 8.4CAL
  • Antistatic fibre, intimately blended
  • Gusset in-leg for fit and movement
  • Articulated Knees
  • Secure pockets for storage
  • FR ReflecTec 50mm reflective tape

Apart from these, the FR pants boast about following features like UPF rating above 50+ making it one of the top rated industrial pants. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating for Ultraviolet Radiation transmitted through a fabric onto the skin. Look for garments with a 50+ rating to be assured of excellent protection. The pants that we are offering at hard yakka workwear complies with AS/NZS 4399:1996 Sun Protection Clothing Classification. 

The material used is highly antistatic making it a great choice for energy and gas industries as it controls the flammability ignitions. The fabric used is highly breathable and moisture wicking and quick drying. This helps you to stay comfortable for long hours and do your work comfortably. 

 These FR pants are also made for night use. They come with reflective tapes for hi- Visibility during dark hours. 

When you can have a pant that is flame resistant, hi-vis, moisture managed, and comfortable to wear, what else one needs. If this is not the best one we do not know what is! 

What are you waiting for? Shop for the FR pants here at Hardyakka workwear. We have a wide range of FR pants that can suit everyone's pockets. 

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