Women’s Drill Pant at Stubbies Workwear

Drill cotton is one of the most durable of fabrics used to make apparels. The lightweight type of clothing is used in shirts and some types of sports clothing, while the application of the heavier fabric type can be found in work clothes and uniforms.

The cotton drill is a very versatile fabric and its application can be found in a variety of ways. Being sturdy and hardwearing provides it with the features of durability and strength that can make your work times easier. The breathable properties of this fabric help the wearer stay cool and comfortable at all times. With a strength that can be found nowhere else, apparels made from drill clothing are one of the best when it comes to workwear.

With women entering the work industry, there arose the need for quality work apparels that catered to all their needs, including durability and comfortability. Stubbies, one of Australia’s best-loved brands, was quick to address this need and they have brought out a good collection of quality workwear for women, like work shirts, work pants and such.

Stubbies is a brand that believes in keeping everything simple, but this is one brand that manufactures the best products, rich in quality and the best in whatever you hope for in workwear. Stubbies, as a brand was established in 1972, and from then on the brand was instrumental in producing high-quality apparels that catered to “work, rest and play”.

From the many products by Stubbies, we can find quality work pant, designed to be an undisputed name in the workwear industry. The pant is specially designed to suit all the needs of the working women, and help make each of their moment comfortable, and the pants mentioned here is the Stubbies BP2544 Womens Drill Pant.

This awesome pant is made from heavyweight Cotton drill with a thickness of 285gsm that makes it the best in durability and strength. Coming in a modern women's fit style, this garment suits the needs of the woman and contours to her body. For added strength and durability, you can find that this work pants sports reinforced bartacks on pockets. For outdoor works, this work pant is an awesome companion as it has excellent sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+.

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At Stubbies Workwear, we have the STUBBIES BP2544 WOMENS DRILL PANT that you can purchase at the best affordable rates. This pant is available in Navy Colour and in sizes ranging from 6-24. The pant is available for purchase at $36.00.

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