Work Hard, Stay Cool with Stubbies Drill Shirts with Cool Vents

Working hard will surely take its toll on a tradie. After some time, he would start feeling uncomfortable in his dress and the unfavourable weather conditions would surely add to the discomfort. Now, as the climate is getting hotter day by day, it is of no doubt that a tradie will be experiencing the most difficult and uncomfortable of times.

For a tradie to work hard, and to his maximum potential, what he needs is the best comfort. With the comfort of tradies growing much in importance, there have been many brands of workwear that are designed with the best technologies that provide them with maximum comfort, while not compromising on the strength or durability of the product. Among these many brands, Stubbies is a part and brings a good range of comfortable and quality clothing.

Stubbies is a brand that has been providing Aussies with everything they need for more than 40 years. They are a brand that provides for “work, rest and play”, which makes them the go-to brand for all the clothing needs of the Aussies. If you need workwear, safety wear, casual wear, or even school clothing for your kids, just browse Stubbies products and you are sure to find the one that suits your needs.

Service excellence with uncompromising garment quality is what distinguishes Stubbies and keeps them a class apart from other players in the Australian clothing industry. This brand is all about providing the maximum comfort through a range of quality apparels that is laden with many innovative features. One among them is the cool vents that some of their garments have. Cool vents are vents that are placed in areas where more body heat is generated so that the hot air can escape and cool air get in. With this, the body of the tradie will remain cool and comfortable at all times.

Stubbies has a good range of Drill shirts that sport the cool vents. These garments are designed to ensure maximum comfort and durability as the drill is a cotton fabric that is stout and durable. Cotton is a breathable cloth material that is used when the wearer needs comfort and with the added cool vents, there is no limit to the comfort that he would receive. So, with these shirts, it is all working hard and staying cool.

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